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E000FEDD - System State Locked???

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I'm hoping that someone may be able to help me with a problem that I'm experiencing.


Firstly, I'll cover the error being experienced and the debugging that I've completed to date. I'll add a little background to the issue at the end (e.g. OS versions, etc.)


I recently noted that one of my back up jobs is failing. I can sucessfully test the job, but the full job itself fails. The backup job is a full backup (OS, system state and data) and is scheduled to run nightly. It backs up just one server.


Upon further investigation, I am seeing the following details in the job logs. The same error details are appearing each time I run the job:

> Error Code: E000FEDD

> Backup- \\<<servername>>\System?State
V-79-57344-65245 - A failure occurred accessing the object list

> Backup- \\<<servername>>\System?State
The item \\IE-WIC2-M010\System?State\System Files\System Files in use - skipped.


Debugging to date:

1. I verifed all passwords and permissions

2. I made the backup exec Active Directory account a local administrator on the machine (it's already a domain admin).

3. I tested the job - this suceeds.

4. I rebooted both the backup server and the affected server.

5. I've redeployed the backup agent

6. I've updated Backup exec (there was an available patch)

7. I've recreated the job.

8. I verifed that there were no orphan registry values as per link.

9. I've ran the SGMON.exe client on both machines during a backup (logs are attached).



Version of Backup Exec: Backup Exec 2012, version 14.0 Rev 1798

Backup Exec server: Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 (physical machine)

Affected Server: Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 (virtual machine on a ESXi host)

Affected Server software: Spiceworks Network Monitor, Mangesoft agent, McAfee ePO agent & Virusscan Enterprise, Microsoft .Net framework 4.5, Silverlight, Visual C++ 2008, Visual C++ 2010, Olivetti product library, Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows, SCOM 2007 R2 Agent, VMware tools


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1) Are you backing up the VM as a physical machine or as a VM?

2) Did you turn on AOF in the job?  If not, turn it on.

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Thanks for your message.


I'm not 100% what you mean by the first question, so I'll give it a bash. The problem server is a virtual machine on a ESXi host. Both the virtual machine (Windows Server 2008 R2) and the ESXi host are backed up seperately. The ESXi host is backed up at the weekend. The VM backup isn't work.


As for the second question on AOF - yes it's enabled and using Shadow Copy.



Thanks again.



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I think you have to be more specific on how your jobs are made up.

Are the vmware tools up to date on the problem server?

Can you check for any VSS errors in event viewer during backup on the problem server?