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ESX 3.5 update 2

Just upgraded to 12.5 and installed the VCB framework on my only media server.

When i tried to run a backup of my virtual machines i get the following error:


 Error: Failed to open the disk: Cannot access a SAN/iSCSI LUN backing this virtual disk. (Hint: If you are using vcbMounter you can use the option "-m ndb" to switch to network based disk access if this is what you want.) If you were attempting file-level access, stop the vmount Service by typing "net stop vmount2" on a command prompt to force vmount to re-scan for SAN LUNs and re-try the command.



So do i need to mount the iscsi volumes on the media server to allow it to acces them?

Not sure of whay my next step is here.


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Re: ESX 3.5 update 2

Change the transport to NBD and run the backup again. 

Re: ESX 3.5 update 2

That kind of worked.

Now I am getting a different error.


V-79-57344-38220 - Backup of the virtual machine 'SIMS' failed. VMware VCB framework reported the following error

 Error: Failed to export the disk: There is not enough space on the file system for the selected operation

[2008-11-25 08:25:35.566 'vcbMounter' 4196 error] An error occurred, cleaning up...




I have sufficient space on both the destnation drive and my esx servers.

Is this referring to space on the media server?

I am not quite sure how the agent handles this.


Re: ESX 3.5 update 2

Which server is acting as the VCB Proxy?  This is the server that needs additional disk space.

Re: ESX 3.5 update 2

Yes the error message is indicating that Proxy server is running out of space. By default media server is configured to be the proxy server


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