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EV 11.0.1Backup Exec 15

Level 2

I am trying to configure BE15 to work with EV11, but I can't find any documentation on how to setup backups correctly. I found how to do it with NetBackup and other older versions of BE but nothing related to BE15 specifically. I have the agents licensed correctly, however, when I attempt to deploy an agent to the EV server I can only install a "Windows Agent". I am not sure if that's correct or not because BE sees the server as a regular server after installation. Some Symantec documentation mentions the ability to expand "Enterprise Vault" section during backup job config but it's missing when attempting to configure the job. After the installation of the agent on the SQL server hosting EV DBs it shows up as "Directory" in the BE Console. How do I backup my open and closed/ready partitions seperately? How do I backup index locations? Very frustrating...


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

The Enterprise Vault license ( Agent for Application & Database license) is installed on the BE server.

From the BE server, the Windows Agent is push installed on to the EV server.

The BE 15 Admin Guide contains a chapter on the EV Agent. Would recommend a read.

Level 2

Read the Admin Guide and the chapter on EV Agent, however, none of it actually talks about how to create a backup job for EV. Not sure why Symantec Employee who read the manual would recommend it for setting up the backup jobs. After speaking with tech support I found out that all backup jobs for EV are created through the SQL server object in BE that is identified as EV Server (Directory). None of the actual EV servers are seen by BE as EV servers, they are seen as regular Windows servers and no EV related backups should be configured for it (unless you want to back up the OS/flat files). So no matter how many EV servers you have (I have 2) you configure all the jobs against the "Directory on SQL server" object. If anyone else needs help with configuring BE 15 jobs for EV feel free to message me.

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Hi All!

> If anyone else needs help with configuring BE 15 jobs for EV feel free to message me.

I have a Q about backup of migrated data.

I try to use configuration with one EV 11 server (with own disk-based storage) and one BE 15 server (with separate disk-based storage). EV collector and BE Migrator work fine.

But I was tormented by one question. All of migrated data (after delete ARCHCAB files on EV server) is stored in a single copy. This is not backup, this is productive data.

And so... How I can to backup this migrated data? What can I do if my BE server will be destroyed with all storaged data? ))