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We're seeing it throughout social media and becoming more prevalent in mainstream news channels. Cybercrime in the form of ransomware is everywhere and it's affecting organisations large and small. Those who recount their first-hand experience tell us that the sums of money involved upfront vary wildly and further, that the cost of ransomware extends far beyond the ransom itself. Typically payable in Bitcoin, to reduce the likelihood of the transaction being traced, the amounts of money are anywhere from $100 per user to $10,000 and beyond. No doubt there are higher sums involved in some organisations and therein lies part of the problem: the risk to business as files are encrypted really centres around the overall risk and hence the secrecy from those who are attacked. Systems down and ransoms are hard enough to deal with, let alone the knock on effects of customer and market perception. These are the effects that potentially shut a business down.


And yet mitigating the risk is relatively simple:

  1. Educate users about the dangers and access points of ransomware
  2. Secure systems and ensure both security and system updates are done regularly
  3. Backup any data that's important to the business, separate from production data.



Some Backup Exec next steps:

  1. Think about Recovery Point Objectives: how far back is a good backup? How far back can you go if you hadn’t realised there was a problem?
  2. Identify systems, applications and data the business can’t do without. Is it  “offline secure?”
  3. Try it. See how much easier Backup Exec makes protecting yourself from the impact of Ransomware.

Thoughtful questions to ask. Backup and Recovery is just a step in the full equation - IT security plays a big role, too. See also Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report for well-researched background and strategies.

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