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Email notification problems

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I have 3 Windows 2003 servers that have running BE 10.0 for several months. I have successfully setup and been receiving notifications for months. In the last 2 weeks the notification stopped working for no apparent reason, even though the jobs run successfully, as they always have.
This has happened several times now and the only solution seems to be to stop all BE services and restart. The BESERVER.EXE service hangs during shutdown and must be killed manually in Taskman. The notification will work fine for 2 or 3 days and then stop again. The only thing that changed on these 3 servers recently was that the latest MS patches were loaded. Any ideas?

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I have the EXACT same problem and have been researching this for some time. We have multiple servers over multiple locations experiencing the same problem. I have also updated the SMTP DLL files to no avail. Current version is BE 10.0 5854 with SP1.

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Please refer to these technotes:


Backup Exec 9.x Simple Mail Transfer Protocol notifications with large job log attachments may spike CPU utilization to 100%

Additional Information :
For information on the recent VERITAS Backup Exec security vulnerabilities, including links to the downloads for the necessary hotfixes, please refer to the following document:
Patch summary for Security Advisories VX05-001, VX05-002, VX05-003, VX05-005, VX05-006, VX05-007

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Thank you for your reply.

I have actually gone through ALL of these steps already, including: Upgrade to SP1, reinstalled the SMTPMAIL300.DLL from CAB files, observered the SGMON.log (however in ver10, the option to to capture the Notifications Component is not available), removed all size restrictions, ensured that the backup job notification is ONLY set in the Tools>Alert Categories.

Now after installing the SP1 - we did get notifications for 1 backup job but then stopped getting them there after.

Any ideas??

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I'm having this exact issue, and also have seen no results from the currently listed solutions. Are there any further suggestions?

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Are you getting particular alerts?
Errors are occuring in the application event log?

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I have gone through the logs and there are NO errors. There are events/alerts about the MSSQL$BKUPEXEC being performed (which works successfully) but nothing else. The strange thing is that we do not even receive an e-mail about the database maintenance even though it is set in the notifications.

What if for certain: If we reboot the server - we DO receive 1 e-mail indicating that the Backup Service is started (as we enabled that notification). After that, we do not receive any other messages.

More Info:
1) The BE messages are NOT in our 'catch all' e-mail box
2) The BE messages are NOT in our SPAM filter area
3) Our Antivirus is NOT blocking the messages

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I am experiencing the SAME EXACT thing.
Media Server is running BE Ver 9.1 on Windows2003 w/SP1 Domain Controller.
If I reboot, I get ONE message stating the BAckup exec service was started, then nothing after that.
Man! I thought there was something broken on my server.

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Hello - Support Dude.... We have not had a comment on this since Sept 14th. Can someone from Veritas/Symantec please help us here please?

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I have just received this issue as well. Started happening earlier this week. November 1st was the first time they weren't being sent. I'm running Windows 2003 Server w/SP1 @ 4 of my sites and this happened at all of them simultaneously. I called up my ISP to make sure that their e-mail servers didn't go down, but when it happened again last night I knew something was wrong. I changed up the way the notifications are sent and we'll see what happens. I'm now just doing them through the global setting and not on a per-job basis. It looks like this could be a bug in the software or a Microsoft patch that is denying the e-mails from being sent.


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we have the exact same issue. Since November 1st, about 6 Site are not reporting anymore.
We use Windows Server 2003 / SP1 (SBS and non-SBS) Backup Exec 10.0 and 9.1 (incl. some SBS Versions)

We can successfully send test notifications, but no job logs are sent.
The trigger ("Include job log in the notification") is set.
Checks for smtp- issues as described above have been made with nothing found.

Any ideas?
Michael Lennartz

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Any permanent fix on this yet?

I don't see this issue as being closed

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Nobody has found a solution ?

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So typical of Symantec/Veritas...

A "support" forum that just regurgitates the same documents that we read before posting - no real help at all. So, we have to make a paid support call, many of which remain unresolved for months.

Honestly, why do we continue to buy this product?

Like so many others in this forum, I can't get SMTP Notification to work at this one location. I've spent many unpaid hours on this SMTP Notification problem, going through the Knowledge Base and the forums, and can't say I enjoy reading about how many others are having the same trouble and getting no assistance.

If I can't be sure this product will work as advertised, and can't expect my client to pay me to troubleshoot a problem the manufacturer can't even solve, why should I recommend the product to my clients in the future?