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Encryption Backup Times

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We recently upgraded to BE 15 from 12.5.  All backup jobs are setup, and we have been backing up in production for a month or so.  No major issues, other than exchange 2013 DAG taking 8 hours to backup to disk then duplicate to tape.  The catalog is taking hours to tape.

My question...we hope to enable encryption, but we are not sure if we are going to have enough time in backup window to get everything backed up.

Any idea on avg how much extra time would encryption add to our back up process?

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

If there is any more info you need from me, let me know.



Level 6

With a modern LTOx drive doing hardware encryption, the performance penalty tends to be very minimal.  It seems to depend somewhat on your environment.  I have even seen it increase performance.

It would be easy enough for you to test it yourself in your environment with your data, assuming that you have an LTO4 or newer tape drive.

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Using my HP LTO4 tape drive there is a noticeable slowdown when using hardware encryption. You should do a test to confirm that the slowdown is acceptable. Check your duplicate job. You are not offered either encryption or compression. If it is the former, then you would need to do software encryption to disk before duplicating the backup set to tape. This will significantly increase the backup time

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We are using LTO6 tapes in a Dell Power Vault TL1000.

I will mess around with this tomorrow and see how some of my jobs run. 

Thanks for your replies!

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The compression and encryption features are present for a duplicate job regardless if the storage device selected is disk or tape.

For tape, the compression feature will only have the options for hardware compression or no compression. The encryption feature will list the options for none, software, and hardware.

I've attached a screen shot (from BE 15) of the properties for a duplicate job and the 'Compression' and 'Encryption type' features are listed about 3/4 down.

Where are you not seeing these features?

What version of Backup Exec are you using?

Thank you

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My apologies.  You are right.  I was confused.  I knew something was not offered during duplication (software compression).