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End of Marker Unreadable and AutoRun/TUR requests

Does anyone know if the problem with AutoRun and TUR requests can cause EOM unreadable?  HP advised me to add it to my registry...  The Symantec article confuses me a bit as it says it needs the TUR requests?;en-us;842411

I am having this problem more and more frequently (pretty random, occurs more with one drive), and my drives keep requesting to be cleaned once a week or so.  It's an HP library, MSL4048 with QTY 4 LTO2 drives.  Every single drive is reporting errors, and they didn't all start at the same time.  I think the heads on them are really worn and need to be replaced, or there are internal issues with the library.  The system is about 3 years old, and each drive sees 6-10 hours of use per day on average. 

Anyone have any experiece with issues such as this?  I've updated firmware, swapped cables, used two different HBAs for my SCSI connections, different terminators, etc. etc.  I've been in touch with HP to try to get this sorted, but if someone has some ideas as to how I could get to a speedier resolution it would be appreciated.  Been doing all those test with L&TT and emailing them to HP :cathappy:

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My MSL2024 library with a

My MSL2024 library with a LTO4 tape drive encountered a similar problem a couple of months back.  It is less than a year old and likewise the tapes, yet I kept getting messages to clean the drive.  I also got end of marker unreadable on my tapes.  Since my drive is under warranty, I got HP to replace it and the problems go away.  My tapes are still the same and I have not have a cleaning request.  The library is still the same one as before.

The tapes with end of marker

The tapes with end of marker unreadable can be overwritten without problems once their OPP is over.

Thanks for that.  HP is going

Thanks for that.  HP is going to replace the library, and at least one drive.  Probably easier this way.  At least I know I have a working library, and minimum of one working drive to get me by and can troubleshoot the remaining three drives.

I know the EOM tapes can be overwritten, but there's a lot of data spread amoung these tapes...about 3TB, and not all of it is on disk anymore.  Once my library/drives are back in working order I will attempt to duplicate my tapes, and then format the old tapes.  I can't just ignore the data on the tapes, and I can still read from them.  Hopefully BE won't complain about missing those tapes, which I've seen it do with backup to disk files sometimes.