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Enhanced cloud-based and on-premises Backup Exec help system

With Backup Exec 21.2, Veritas modernizes the information experience by offering a new way to access the Backup Exec help system. The product gives you access to a cloud-based (online) HTML help system and an on-premises HTML help system.

The new help supports enhancements, has a modern interface, and offers on-premises and cloud-based help.

By default, you have access to the cloud-based help in Backup Exec 21.2.

The new help system offers the following:

  • Better search capability
  • Modern look and feel
  • Accessibility from cloud
  • Multi-browser support

The Backup Exec user interface displays the following option:

  1. Click the Backup Exec button and select Configuration and Settings > Backup Exec Settings > Preferences.
  2. Select the Display the cloud-based help. Clear the check box to view the on-premises help check box.

By default, this check box is selected, and you can view the cloud-based help for Backup Exec. To view the cloud-based help, you must have an internet connection. You can clear this check box to view the on-premises help for Backup Exec. If you do not have an internet connection, Backup Exec automatically switches to the on-premises help.

Here is a screenshot of the option from the Backup Exec user interface.


The new help has a better search capability. For example, if you search forever incremental in the help, the topics with ‘forever incremental’ are displayed. Also, the exact reference of the search phrase (the topic and sentence in which it appears) is displayed, which helps you go to the topic you were searching for.

The default browser available on your machine is used for cloud-based and on-premises help. It is recommended to use Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari browsers to view the cloud-based and on-premises help.

The new help offers a modern look and is also available with all the localized languages.

Backup Exec continues to offer the in-product Backup Exec Administrator's Guide - PDF version.

Here is what the new help looks like:


To view the cloud-based help of Backup Exec, go to the following link: