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Error: 0xe00084f4 - An unknown error has occurred.

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I've been using Veritas Backup Exec 10 for months now and suddenly the backups are not running (even simple backups of 5 local files that I create to run now) they are all reporting the following 'Unknown Error' and being such an Unknown Error I'm unable to know where to start to try and troubleshoot this problem.

Full error I get in the Job Log:

Job ended: 26 May 2005 at 11:01:36 Completed status: Failed Final error: 0xe00084f4 - An unknown error has occurred. Final error category: System Errors For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-34036

I follow the link to the V-79-57344-34036 document and it states this only happens with Backup-To-Tape backups, I am backing up to an HP Ultrium tape drive.

I have the latest Device Drivers installed, the latest version of Backup Exec (SP1), nothing has changed on the hardware and the device can label, retension etc. fine. Just when I try to backup it fails with the above error.

Please Assist.



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Usually, this error occurs when the Device and Media service is set to use Local System Account. To resolve the issue, change it to Backup Exec Service Account. Go to the Services applet > Open the properties of Backup Exec Device and Media service > go to Log On tab > Change it to Backup Exec service account (domain\username).
Make sure that Device and Media Service is using same account as being used by other Backup Exec services.

This however does not happen if the job is targeted to Tape drive/library or if all the Backup Exec Services are using the Local system account.


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I'm getting the same error, too under the same conditions: Backing up to Ultrium Drives, not Backup to Disk folders. All services are running under the Administrator account, which is the Backup Exec service account. No service is running under the Local System Account. There must be something else going on here besides the standard answer. Something about the HP Ultrium drive?

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I am unable to complete a full backup to disk when it runs at night some of the time. Sometimes it works all the way through. All are using a domain account, not a local account. It worked fine up until about a week ago. Any help would be appreciated.


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I also cannot backup. Same error:

Error category : System ErrorsError : e00084f4 - An unknown error has occurred.
For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-34036

In my case, I am trying to back up a remote computer and the local media server. The default system logon on the "BE Device & Media Service" produced the error. I also tried changing it to the local domain admin. Still same error.

I need a fix.


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Another abandoned post.

I am also experiencing this issue.

Anyone else? Would VERITAS care to comment?

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This is how I finally fixed the same error after a lot of effort and failed attempts.

Test your tape drive to be sure it works outside of Backup Exec. I had an HP drive. Go to Find the link under "value added software" for "Library and Tape Tools", click that link, download the software. L&TT is a free diagnostic tool for HP tape drives and libraries. If it works, the problem is within Backup Exec. (I was using 12.5 with the very latest drivers, literally posted this week).
  1. Disable the tape drive in Backup Exec (right click on it)
  2. Delete the tape drive in Backup Exec (right click again, need to disable first) This must be done in Backup Exec! Doing the same in Windows Device Manager and rebooting did not fix the problem.
  3. Stop all the Backup Exec services (I did this with services manager & confirmed in Windows Services)
  4. Start all the Backup Exec services
  5. Start Backup Exec
  6. The tape drive should be re-detected.

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Thank you Dan Wakeman!  Your solution was just what was needed!