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Error 1 when starting Deduplication Engine

I have recently installed Backup Exec 2010 on a 2003 64 bit server.  After installing it I rebooted the server and noticed that some of the Backup Exec services weren't running.  The ones that aren't running are Deduplication Enginer and Manger.  I went in and tried to start them manually and get the following error on both:

Could not start the Backup Exec Deduplication Engine service on Local Computer.  Error 1: Incorrect function. 

Does anyone one have any suggestiong on what is causing this error and how to eliminate it.
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Are you using a trial version

Are you using a trial version or are you licenced for the dedup option?  If you are neither, then I guess this is normal since you need a licence for dedup to work.


I get the same error and I do

I get the same error and I do have a license.  Rough start for us on BE 2010