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Error 91 - The directory does not exist

Level 4

I try to archive some files to Tape (Tandberg T40).
The archive at itself seems to work without anyprobles, but the job ends with an error.

Error category    : Other Errors
Error             : 91 - The directory is not empty.

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-0-145


Clicking on the mentionted link does not bring any result as you can see here:

Iam using BE 12.5 REv 2213 on a Windows2003 machine the Server I try to backup is a W2003 too.

Has anyone an idea what that could be?
Every comment is apreciated!

Greetings form Berlin, Germany
Andreas Martin


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Hi Andreas,

Could be something in your selection list. You could have something selected on a server for example that is no longer there, but that shows up in your include/exclude list.
Double-check that and make sure that the directory that's referenced exists. If not, and it's in your include/exclude, delete it out of there, run the backup again, and then post the results here.


Level 4
Thanks for the answer Craig ...

its just one folger on one server.
I've already checked this....

Must be something else.


Level 5
Same problem here.

    Same BE version, same OS.

I also tried to recreate the selection list with no success.

Now I just modified the job to use Advanced Open File Option, now it's pre processing, I will tell you later if it worked or not.

See you.

EDIT; Didn't work. Pss..

Level 6

is it possible that someone messed with rights somewhere?  So that BackupExec can see and list a directory, but not actuall access it?

I know that with no indication of where the problem is, this could take a LOOOOOONG time to check out, but is about the only additional suggestion I can think of