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Error Installing/Uninstalling Backup Exec Remote Agent ERROR: Could not add driver store reference

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Hi Everyone!

I have problems with BackupExec Agent for Windows on my Windows Server 2016 FILE SERVER in my company. The problem is my backups jobs are blocked  during the backup process in the BackupExec Server saying "Discovering Resources" and i can complete my File Server (Windows Server 2016) backup, when in try check connection from BE Server and BE Agent is not be possible. For that reason i want to reinstall BackupExec Agent. My BackUpExec Server version is Veritas Backup Exec 20.4 Rev. 1188 64-bit.

Case 1.I tried installing from the BackExec Server Push installation (UPDATE agent) but BE Server says cannot aplied the update because the server have correcty installed BE Agent.

Case 2. If i try install again over the actual installation BE Agent for Windows using the original .ISO software of BackupExec, i have issues during the installation, because rollback. I attach a Copy of the logs in a .TXT

Case 3. Clean installation, i tried to unnistall BackupExec Agent i i recieve an error during instalation.I attach a Copy of the logs in a .TXT


I need help... i dont have any backup since one week of the Main File Server of my company, is a very high risk for the company.

Andrés Romeu.

IT System Administrator




You may create a support case to Veritas

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I have had McAfee cause all sorts of issues with agent installations in the past. I had to disable the AV completely and then do upgrades or installations. Maybe try that, and ensure that you're installing the agent with admin rights.

Lastly, check the TN below. It prompts you on how to manually uninstall the agent which might also be something to look into.

How to perform an automated uninstall of the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows (AWS) (