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Error Message e000e20 - BE15

Level 3

Error message from BE15

"e000e020 - The duration that this job is allowed to remain scheduled has passed. It will be rescheduled. Verify that storage is available and check the job's schedule settings. Ensure that there is enough time for it to begin running before it is considered missed."

I have viewed the following Link and this Article and although we do have DST I am assured by other work collegues that this is taken care of.

Currently using LTO4 and LTO6 tapes to backup from the usual Backup to Disk, Duplicate to Tape. I have set the jobs to run concurrently so when the full backup runs at 23:00 as soon as it finishes the duplicate backup to tape will run immediately after the previous task completes (i.e. the full backup – see image BE1)

So on the Friday daytime I will load the tapes and inventory them and all looks fine with lots of space to use on all tapes. But for some reason even though I will load 4 LTO6 and 6 LTO4 tapes into the drives, when it comes to backup from the Duplicate to the Tape it always fails with the above error message. There is plenty of storage space and time available.

Within the Options to Duplicate window, I do not allocate a specific tape for it to backup onto, I just let it search for another if it needs it as there will always be 5 tapes for it to use within the storage pool.

I always thought that if the tape media is full it will automatically look for another tape to put the backup onto.Any help very much appreciated as I am just getting started with BE15.


Employee Accredited Certified

If it is stuck asking for a tape there should be a media insert notification alert somewhere in your system in addition to the duration alert you have quoted.


And if it is a timeout linked to waiting for suitable media then you need to make sure enough tapes are overwritable - if you are using new tapes DO NOT move them into a media set manually let Backup Exec do that as it uses them, as if you manually put them in a media set they will start their oevrwrite protection at that point and not be useable

Also don't expect appendable tapes to be used - BE only appends on the first tape of a job, once that is full all subsequent tapes MUST be overwritable for the same job to continue

Hi Colin,

Yes when i come in on a monday morning and open BE, I could see the message at the bottom left hand corner asking for another tape to be inserted. And when looking at the media drive, the tape had popped out. 

If there are other tapes to use though, why does BE not use them if there is enough room? I take it to make sure that the subsiquent tapes installed are overwritable would that be diaplayed somewhere in the BE console?

Thanks again in advance.

Employee Accredited Certified

You can see which tapes are overwritable in the storage section of the console


Bear in mind what is overwritable when you check today might not have been overwritable when the job needed them as they may have passed the timing between the job error and now. Usual recommendation (for simplicity) is that enough tapes must be overwritable when the job starts.


Next question though - you say the tape popped out, are you using a library or stand alone drives - basically we do not allow spanning between drives in a single job (even when using a Device Pool) a long time ago we did have this feature (it was called a Cascaded Drive Pool if I remember correctly) but it was discontinued.

We do support spanning across tape cartridges as long as a library is involved. Device Pools of tape drives are there more for load balancing of individual jobs AND not for capacity spanning across devices.