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Error- Mount Failed

Server 2003 running Symantec backup Exec 11d.

We are trying to backup exchange and a shared folder to a local external USB hard drive.

The backup's used to work, but suddenly they do not run anymore. They will actually run for days/weeks and I'll have to hit cancel on the jobs, the error it shows is -error - mount failed- operation aborted. There are no numbers or anything with any more information.

I have wiped the external hard drives and recreated the backup-to-disk folders ( one for exchange and one for the shared drive) and recreated the jobs.

The status for the backup-to-disk's folders are "Ready". I have not created any new media though ( not sure how to or if I need to).

Does anyone have any clue what could be wrong here? If someone could link me a step-by-step on backing up to a external usb HD for 11d that would be great as I cannot find anything, and I am sure I am missing something.

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Support for USB drives does

Support for USB drives does not come until BE 2010 R2, so what you are doing is not supported.

1) Make sure that you are using normal B2D folders on this drive and not Removable B2D folders.

2) After plugging in the USB drive and it is online to the OS, do an inventory on the B2D folder.

3) If Step 2 fails, then restart your BE services.