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Error, Unable to open Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group because it is currently being backed up by another process.

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I am just going back to a previous discussion and solution provided. Please see below

'The error "Error, Unable to open because it is currently being backed up by another process." seen in the job log, usually occurs when Exchange agent & Volume shadow copy component are simultaneously trying to backup the Exchange Information Store. To resolve this issue deselect 'Exchange server' selection under ShadowCopyComponents | Userdata . Perform backup and observe the result.'

I checked my server and I do not see Userdata under System Shadow Components. I checked the Services and found the service Volume Shadow Copy is running on the Exhange server. Since I have the BackupExec agent doing the backup, should I stop the Volume Shadow Copy service on the Exchange server? What is your recommendation?

Thank you.


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Is AOFO enabled in the backup job ? if yes, it should be disabled