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Error: V-79-57344-65233


i have a Problem with BackUp Exec 15 at a customer.



We have 2 Servers that are Backup.

The remote Server is runnung well.


The local server runs well for two days, then the error occurs.

After the BackUp fails, this are the status of the VSS writers.

With an reboot oder with an restart of the various services the next back up is successfull.
But it is an Question of time, when the next BackUp fails. 

Windows Server 2008 R2.
BackUp Exex is on the latest Version.

Does anyone know the Problem?

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Re: Error: V-79-57344-65233

Failure of VSS writers is an OS problem. You need to look at the Eventlog for clues or consult Microsoft

Thanks for your reply. I

Thanks for your reply.
I allready checked the Eventlog, but there isnt something flashy.


Re: Error: V-79-57344-65233

If possible, pls attach the Application & System logs from the affected server over here. Thanks.

Re: Error: V-79-57344-65233

restarting the server normally fixes this. Windows Server 2003/2003 R2 had a VSS Rollup patch that could be applied to fix this, but nothing for Windows Server 2008/2008 R2. Best to try the restart and then run the backup again, and failing that log a call to get it checked out further.

Also make sure your VSS is set to Automatic.


Re: Error: V-79-57344-65233

Thanks for your replys. 

Here are the Logfiles from the last night the BackUp cancelled.


Re: Error: V-79-57344-65233

Refer to the TN below and see if this helps at all...failing that, log the call with Veritas and get them to help troubleshoot with you: