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Error V-79-57344-766

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With BE 12.5 Rev 2213 I could do GRT Exchange backups to disk without issues, but GRT Exchange backups to tape never worked, so I just turned off GRT on our tape backups with no error.

I have tried uninstalling MapiCDO 1.2.1, rebooted, downloaded latest from MS, installed, ran a GRT backup to tape and I am still recieving this error - however to disk STILL works... Follow all the advise V-79-57344-766 still cannot be fix.

Error category    : Resource Errors
Error : e00002fe - Cannot log on to MAPI with the specified credentials. Review the resource credentials for the job, and then run the job again.
For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-766

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this solved the issue for me on sbs 2008 server w/ 12.5
The above error message may continue to occur even after having made the changes mentioned above if :
A.) Exchange 2007  is installed on a Windows 2008 machine
B) In the resource order for the backup selection list Information Store is not the first resource to be backed up
C) Backup job is targeted to tape device


To resolve the issue edit the backup selection list such that the Microsoft Information Store is the first resource to be backed up followed by the other local resources on the server.

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I found the two things mentioned on Symantec Support.  The IPv6 disable and moving the Info Stores to the top of the resource order.  Those are already in place on my server.  This was a working backup.  Now has failed 4 nights in a row.  Thing is, looks like a perfectly good backup to me.  Job log shows stores backing up and the size of them is favorable as well.


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Hey nettek9007... I was in the same situation as you, had GRT-enabled tape backups of Exhcnage 2007 Information Store on a Win2K8 box that was working up until 4 days ago!!!!!

Frustratingly, everything looks the same yet the error is the old MAPI-credentials error. ARGH!!!!

The way I resolved it was to look for any and all changes to the system since the last good back up date (Nov 17th - FULL backup to tape 100% successful)

I found an update applied to our mail server on Nov 18th:

KB971644 -

I removed the updates lsited in that roll-up and re-ran my backups and everything worked as of nov 17th again!

Hope that helps mate