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Error : e0001602 - Access is denied (Share point backup). (SP2010)

Anyone know if there is a fix for this issue, i get this error every day and the backup fails:

if i uncheck the GRT option as stated in some workarounds the errer goes away, but i want to be able to back up with GRT.


Job ended: den 1 november 2011 at 23:55:34
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe0001602 - Access is denied (Share point backup).
Final error category: Security Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-5634

as i understood it this should be fixed in Backup Exec 2010 R3 revision 5204 Hotfix 164659 but i still have the problem.


"Backup exec 2010 R3 SP1, Hotfix 167567, 164659"

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Hello Atos,

Please refer to this technote: : Granular (GRT) backups of Sharepoint data, written to disk and with or without the Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) enabled, may fail with '0xe0001602 - Access is denied (Share point backup).


Important Note:  This Technote describes an issue where backups fail with or without AOFO/VSS enabled.  If the backup job ONLY fails when AOFO / VSS is enabled in the backup job then see Technote . 


Perform non-GRT backups of any content database(s) displaying the 'This backup set may not contain any data' message.

Also if you have a support contract with Symantec and then I would suggest you open a Case with Symantec support who can help you to resolve the issue with a pre-release fix (if available).




Hello, I have the exact same


I have the exact same problem, but not with a backup job. I was trying to restore part of the backup and bumped into the problem.

My Sharepoint backups are running fine without an error. I just get this issue with a restore.

Is it related to the same problem or slightly a different one?




Hello Edy,

We have seen few cases where the same issue is happening on restore too. Symantec Engineering is working on that too.





It is good to hear that something is on the way.

Sharepoint GRT backup straight to tape works fine (but is slow, both to backup because of the long cataloging process, and slow to recover because of the long staging phase)

We are currently unable to backup to disk, or recover data from tape, due to the above mentioned error.

I dont know wether the happened due to a windows update or a Backup exec update. It is very rare that we have to recover data on sharepoint, so we dont really know for how long the problem has existed.

Hello there,

There is an Orphan fix available for this issue. If you have a support contract with Symantec then I would request you to open an official case with Symantec.




case problems.

I am having some problems creating a case. (teksupport said my Email add. was wrong, then said they fixed it, and now I get an error after trying to validate who I am while creating the case)

Can I not just get a link for the patch?.. if there is a patch available why create a case in the first place ?

Hello Tim,

The patch is still no Public so a case will be required. Ones all the testing and packaging is done then the Patch will be released as a Public Hot Fix.




Same problem here

I was just about to post the same question. Guess we wait for the patch, and run fully functional, granular backups with the SharePoint powershell in the meantime. Which will, of course, make the boss wonder why we have to pay for the bexec sharepoint agent. Suggestions for that conversation?

And we have the issue too...

I've been working with Symantec for 6 months trying to get SharePoint restore to work.  Backups ran fine, but restores would fail.  I spent 6 months trying things and getting them logs until they finally told me it was something in our environment and they can't help.  As soon as I applied SP1 to SharePoint 2010, the backups quit working too.  I opened a case and jumped through tons of hoops and hotfixes until I found you can't backup to disk and you can't use GRT... This is ridiculous.  After all that, we can finally backup again, but the restores still fail.. but with different errors than in the past.  Now I get the security errors mentioned above.  Stuck again.  I have yet to get SharePoint to backup and restore since we purchased the agent.

Telling your customers the fix is to not use the GRT or backup to disk is like telling us we paid for the product but it doesn't work and we should do it the manual way.  I can't tell you how much time I've wasted on this over the last half year and got nowhere.  As this point I think we should just dump Symantec's backup of SharePoint and script/schedule the built-in backup functions.  I don't know what else to do.  There are tons of tech notes for the SharePoint agent, and almost all of the solutions are to either not use certain features of the backup or else to not backup certain parts. 

I couldn't agree more with rklarr...  "...make the boss wonder why we have to pay for the bexec sharepoint agent."  Of course the cost of the agent is a drop in the bucket in comparison to the countless hours of my time spent trying to get it to work. 

Same here

Sharepoint backup was fine till last week and started failing with the below :

Error category    : Security Errors
Error             : e0001602 - Access is denied (Share point backup).

We havent done any patch updates on windows server nor on Backup exec ... the failure was really unexpected....



Hello, I have opened since my


I have opened since my last post here a support call with Symantec too. The guy called two times and I showed him how I do a restore. Then he advised me to download all latest hotfix from LiveUpdate. There were still some I haven't installed yet. But it didn't help at all. I even mentioned to the support guy that I heard from this forum an internal fix is available. He didn't reply to that at all. I'm not sure the internal fix is now public available.

But as already mentioned it's quite frustrating when buying extra an option for beining able to restore individal files from a backup. It means for me as long this is not solved I cannot go live with any Sharepoint site or I need to look elsewhere for a backup solution. I don't really like to.

My Sharepoint backups run fine all night, but how can I trust them when I was not able to restore anything yet?






Failed BE restore prohibits a SharePoint native restore

Even better yet, after I attempt a restore with Backup Exec and it fails, I can't even do a restore natively from manual SharePoint backups.  I have been able to do this in the past with no issues, but now I get an error in PowerShell when I try and after doing some looking, I'm finding it tells me that there was a previous failed restore attempt and the only way to restore manually via PowerShell is to restore to a different content database.  I'm guessing the Symantec restore failed and left orphaned entries in the database which now keeps me from restoring through native SharePoint tools.  As if I wasn't frustrated already.

Is the hotfix public now? It

Is the hotfix public now? It seems my Symantec tech rep is not aware of this hotfix. He just said, use LiveUpdate for the latest hotfix.

I think, the hotfix is

I think, the hotfix is available now through LiveUpdate. Did it fix your issue?



Link for the

Link for the HotFix

Hello, Now I can confirm that


Now I can confirm that the restore of granular files in Sharepoint sites works for me with this hotfix. I tested it several times.