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Error e00084ca with LTO3 tape

Dear Support,


i'm trying to restore data from LTO3 in BE2010.

the invontory completed 100% but when i try the catalog i had error e00084ca "The data being read from the media is inconsistent" .


can you please help me.


it's very urgent request as i lost all data in our server.




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Take a look at this

Hello CArly, i checked this

Hello CArly,


i checked this link before sending my request. the hard driver is good as i do a backup job today with it.



Hi shix88,   this is an error

Hi shix88,   this is an error generated by Backup Exec. please verify whether this is Symantec System Recover (BESR) or Backup Exec? SSR does not support using tape so if this is for Backup Exec you should post in the Backup Exec Forum.

Run all the latest hotfixes

Do you have any errors in the Windows Event Logs?

Make sure you are updated to the most recent firmware.

Run the tape venders diagnostic utility to check the tape device.


Moved to correct forum.

Moved to correct forum.

As it could be a faulty tape

As it could be a faulty tape do you have an other tapes containing backup sets that you could test a restore from?


Also are you using the same tape drive to restore that wrote the tapes in the first place. Not that this is usually a requirement but if there was an error on the original drive that was transferred to how the data was written at the time, then another drive might not be able to restore. This kind of issue being more of a problem with older tape drives and as you are asking about the older LTO-3 tape technology it is possible the tape drive that wrote the backup originally is quite old.

Are you trying to catalog

Are you trying to catalog multiple tapes?