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Error while performing server's backup

hi, i have a repeated problem while the server performing its scheduled backup, i tried to run backup test and it as successfully done then i tried to make backup and successfully done too, but the problem occurred in the scheduled backup.


i have more than 7 servers but this is the only one who make error.

The error is :
(Backup DAG Incremental -- The job failed with the following error: The Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft Exchange was not used to create the last full backup of this database.  You must use the Exchange Agent to run a full backup before you run a differential or incremental backup).


kindly advice

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symantec error anrpc.jpg

Is this server a VM and you

Is this server a VM and you are doing a VM backup? If so, you should not run the VM backup between your full and incremental Exchange backups

yes its VM server. so you

yes its VM server. so you mean i have to start this backup after the Exchange backup( full and incrimental ) ?

after the Exchange's backup finish then i should start Dak backup ?

Yes. Otherwise, you will get

Yes. Otherwise, you will get the error message