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Error with Microsoft Windows Network

Level 2


im using Backup exec on a Windows Server to Backup some local PCs but im really frustrated with this software so far, often things just dont work or just stop working for no reason. I cant reinstall some Client because the Installer thinks there is still something left on the System... Just frustrating.

But that is not the Issue at the moment. I wanted to add an other System (Win10) to the Backup, but now i am getting the error while searching in the network. And if i type the Name manually, later in the install it will fail. I added a similar machine just a view weeks ago and did not change any thing since then and now it is not findig any thing in the Network. But if I look in the simple Windows Network I can see the PCs just fine.


PS: Error is in German


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Can you browse this remote server over the network and copy data across?

When you add the server manually and proceed what is the error? Can you please share the push log C:\ProgramData\Veritas\Backup Exec\PushLogs\Remoteserver_name_Push.log from Backup Exec server. 

Yes i can accsess everything over the Network, i will look for the log and upload it, as soon as i get to it. really thank you