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Errors processing catalogs

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I have recently replaced our old NT4 server with a new 2003 sbs machine.
The original travan drive was transplanted from the old server to the new and all of the tapes retained.
Since then the backups are failing 90% of the time with the following error;

Error category : Backup Media Errors
Error : e00084d9 - There was an error processing the on tape catalogs.

Following the links to the support site found an article explaining that the error could be caused by insufficient space or permissions on the catalogue folder.
The permissions are definitely correct and there are over 50gb available on the drive containing the catalogue folder.

There does not seem to be a pattern to the failures and all of the tapes worked fine on the old system using backup exec 8.

I have re labelled, retensioned and erased all the tapes and added them to a media set but the backups still fail.

We are now using backup exec 10.0 and would really appreciate any advice to help resolve thi problem.

Level 3
I had similar problems myself on V10 with but with an IBM Library.
I ended up downloading various different device drivers for the library and this solved the problem.
Make sure you note down what version of the drivers you have now as things got worse before they got better for me!! Sorry I can't be more specific.
Good Luck

Level 6

Have you installed the latest drivers as mentioned in the previous response. Please update to continue further troubleshooting.

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