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Exabyte (Tandberg) VXA2 drives.

Level 2
Is there any known issues with the Exabyte VXA2 drives?  I am having trouble with tapes not being recognized or being labled as cleaning media.  I am working with Exabyte now, but I think we are going down the it is software road, so wanted to see if there was a magic fix to get this library to work.

Level 5
In my experience, there are a couple things that can be causing this:

- Inverted and/or separated SCSI ID's - Library should be lower than the drive, drive should be next higher.
    Example:  Library SCSI ID 2, drive SCSI ID 3
   See Veritas KB article 190522

-SCSI bus problem / incompatability - SCSI card must be non-RAID and LVD.  You should have the latest drivers installed for the SCSI card and the BIOS should be at default values except Domain Validation disabled (if the card has it).  Test with no other devices on the bus and if you add any, make sure that they are LVD as well.

-Make sure the cleaning slot is properly configured in Backup Exec.

-bad media / clogged heads - Make sure you have latest drive firmware and run an inventory.  If you can get through that, you should be ok.

Hope that helps.

Level 3
Partner Accredited
I am using the VXA tape drives.  have you upgraded the firmware and installed the backupexec driver update?