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Exchage backup Active always and not couting any bytes

My exchage backup sudenly stoped and i had below error

''Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe000fe30 - A communications failure has occurred.
Final error category: Server Errors

I updated the BE restarted Information store, be agent services as well, also reinstalled the agent agin and restarted the server.

After now the backup job is shows active but is is not counting any bytes(please the attached screen shot), and the job is not gating fail aslo

i mean the job shows active 24/7

Please help me someone


Thank you- Faisal




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Does it ever finish the

Does it ever finish the backup ?

Ah, you edited your post, first I saw only the attachment.


Does your media-server has multiple NICs?

I have seen issues like this where the Media server had multiple NICs, the job had to be changed to select any available network, select any available protocol.

Yes It has Multible NIC but

Yes It has Multible NIC but all of them disabled,

alredy selected any available network, select any available protocol



-Test the network connection to the node.  Check for proper switch functionality.
-Check to see if the Firewall is enabled and ports are open for inbound and outbound traffic.

If above steps does't help to resolve

Network is good, and FYI- If

Network is good, and FYI- If i creat a new job and select files from same exchage server(Folders anf file ) except information store, the job is successfully completing.

If i select inforamation store then only i have problem


Have look this may resolve your issue

The KB is for below 12.5 version check if the similar issue

Did you create a new job?

Did you create and run a new job?

may be the job is damaged.


 Faisal has it resolved your issue?

Not solved

I created many time new jobs doent work, and now i found something, when i click shadow copy component getting a error says, failure occured accesing the writer metadata, please see the screen shot

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Can you just check

IPV6 is unchecked in the selected NIC card


change the job-options for network: with the specific LAN-NIC and IPv4 as protocol.
Restart the job again it should work