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Exchange 2003 Cluster Backup

I'm having an issue with backing up a MS Exchange 2003 Cluster (2 nodes) on Windows 2003 server R2. I have the backup agent for Symantec Backup 12.5 installed (Release 2213). IN The Symantec backup manager I see the cluster machine but it shows no resources to back.  Anyone experienced this?
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Hello, Make sure that the


Make sure that the Remote agent is installed on both the nodes of the Cluster and beremote.exe is of the same version on the nodes and the Backup exec Server (C:\Prog. files\Symantec\Backup Exec\beremote.exe)

On the Backup Exec Server open the registry editor:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | SOFTWARE | SYMANTEC | Backup Exec For Windows | Backup Exec | Engine | NTFS

Modify the "Restrict Anonymous Support" DWORD value to 1

Restart Backup Exec Services.

Hope this helps....

Hello, Yes the setting for REG_DWORD

Yes  the REG_DWORD was already set to 1.
The BEREMOTE.exe version is old on both notes. Isn't the current version that is to be pushed out on the BEServer at c:\program files\symantec\Backup Exec\Agents\
and use the RAWS32 version?

Failed Push

What does the error mean "Failed to create pushlist file gsus_pushlist.lst for remote computer gsus".
What needs to be fixed?
Thank you,

Hello, You need to puch


You need to puch install the rmeote agent again to bring the beremote.exe on the same level on both the nodes...

Any news here?

Any news here?

any update?

any update?