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Exchange 2003 GRT B2D2T

Level 5

I do a nightly Full GRT backup of my Exchange 2003 to B2D folder.   Then I dup that job to tape.

I also do twice daily an Incr GRT backup to B2D folder.

My question is: should I be doiung a duplication to tape for ther incr job?

Read the best practices for Exchange GRT job it is kinda vague about dup jobs for incr.


Employee Accredited Certified

Not really required since you are duplicating a full backup daily.

Level 6

When you run GRt incremental you have to  specify the same volume for the full and the incremental backups.Once the backup data is on the same volume only then  you can restore individual items from the incremental backup. So if you are duplicating the incremental backup to tape, to restore from that backup set , you would again need to duplicate the full and the incremental backup to a bakcup to disk folder . Running incremental backup reduces the loss of data in case of disaster , so you have to decide how much loss is accepted , how much additional storage you require for the backups etc. In a small enviornment , I beleive its of if you dont run the duplicate incremental backup as far as the you are running incremental backup to disk .