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Exchange 2003 after single mailbox restore no content is shown in mailbox

Level 3
I have deleted a mailbox and now did to have restore it. I did a new mailbox with same username as the old mailbox and restored all mails to it. BXE said that all went OK, but no content is shown in the mailbox. No messages at all. In Exchange system manager it says, that this mailbox has 127 messages with 20mb mailbox size. But no content is shown.

I tested it with creating a new mailbox with different username and restored mailbox to it (with redirecting option). Same problem. BXE show, that all went OK, but nothing is shown when opening mail.

In BXE restore window that mailbox has many mails and there are shown in the restore window. I tried to restore single mails, but always the same problem.

Exchange is 2003 running with Windows Server 2003., BXE is 10.0 rev 5520.

Level 6
Hello Jori,

- You can check if the mailbox was completely purged after being deleted on the exchange server.

- Select the redirection option and name the same mailbox created in the original name. Although you are not actually redirecting the restore, this will help backup exec locate the mailbox.

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