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Exchange 2007 & MS Hyper V Backup Questions

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I have recently installed 2 Exchange 2007 servers that are configured as a cluster. They are are clients hosted on an iscsi san, and are MS Hyper V virtual machines.

Right now I backup the current Exchange 2003 (physical server) using the GRT enabled backup with the Exchange agent, and the Exchange 2k3 MMC installed on the media server.

We are running the latest edition of Backup Exec 2010 with SP1.

Considerations for backing these servers up since they are clustered:

- do i use the Hyper V agents & GRT?

- do i uninstall the Exchange 2k3 MMC & install the Exchange 2k7 MMC?

- do i just backup the "active" server within the cluster

- should i run multiple jobs, one as a GRT enabled job, and one as the entire VM using the Hyper V agent?

Any other considerations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to whomever can lend a hand.





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You can continue to backup the Exchange 2003 as it is running now. Also there is no MMC for Exchange 2003 which needs to be installed so do not worry about unnstalling anything about Exchange 2003.

For Exchange 2007 and hyper-V backups:

Create a backup job and select the Hyper-V machines using the Agent for Hyper-V servers. This will backup both the Hyper- V virtual machines irrespective whether they are active or passive copy. Install Remote Agent on both the Hyper-v VM. And use the Application GRT feature of BE 2010 so that in the same job it will collect the GRT information of your Exchange 2007 too.




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does BE 2010 R3 full backup of the machine containing Hyper-V and virtual machine with Exchange 2010 will flush (consolidate) Exchange logs?