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Exchange 2010 BE2010 GRT restore of single mailbox

i have been trying to restore a users mailbox, the job completes successfully but no mail is restored, i am running the job as the system logon account which is domain admin and has a mailbox associated with it (not hidden from the GAL).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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Hello Kelly,

If you are using BE 2010 then make sure that you upgrade to the latest SP. Also update the remote agent on the Exchange server after installing SP1.

Let us know what is the version of Exchange server and where are the backups taken (disk/tapes) ???




Is Problem with only 1 User

Is Problem with only 1 User mailbox Restore or have you tried a Restore for a different user, Only Reason I am Asking-> If User mailbox Restore is getting Redirected to another user mailbox after Restore get completes???

Share more information

Restore from Tape/Disk??

Does Restore job complete Successfully immediatelly??

Do you see any byte count for Restore??

If Restore is from Tape-> duplicate data to disk(local Drive) and Duplicate only Information Store,Once Duplicated to Disk is completed Attempt another Restore and update us.


Exchange 2010 sp1 Backup exec

Exchange 2010 sp1

Backup exec 2010 R2

restore is from a B2D folder 

i get a byte count but that is for the extraction of the information store (25GB)

no errors are logged in the report

the job takes approx 28 mins to run (time taken to extract info store)


the job log gives me very

the job log gives me very little info, is there somewhere else that i can get a more detailed log?

Hello Kelly,

restore is from a B2D folder 

i get a byte count but that is for the extraction of the information store (25GB)


From the aboev 2 lines it suggest that the backups are on B2D. Then in this case it should not stage the 25 GB Information Store data as staging is done only when the backups are taken to tapes.




we have 3 media servers and

we have 3 media servers and some duplication jobs configured, is that why the info store is being staged?

Kelly if Restore is

Kelly if Restore is configured from Disk then its definately not performing a Stagging and If at all Restore is succesful then it is storing Data to Exchange Server in user mailbox...

Create a new Restore job and "Redirect" to any other user mailbox...

Also Enable Debugging, On the BEWS Media Server as well as the Exchange Server (if Exchange is installed on a separate server) create the following registry value:


  • Go to HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Symantec\Backup Exec for Windows Servers\Backup Exec\Engine\Exchange.
Create a DWord value with a name of:   Debug Granular Restore   Make the value data 1 for additional logging or 2 for maximum logging (hex or decimal)
Put the Remote Agent (media server and remote server) and Job Engine (media server only) in debug mode. There is no need to stop and start any of the Backup Exec services unless -debug is used in the service manager console.

See the Related Documents for information on placing the services in debug mode.

Restore is configured from

Restore is configured from B2D folder (we have no tape drives in this infrastructure) and is def staging, if i don't select the correct media server then it fails with not enough disk space.  Any ideas why is always staging this?

Am going to enable logging now and try some more restores

I have never seen B2D GRT

I have never seen B2D GRT Restore Stagging Data... Upload GRT Debug logs and let us know if you need any further information..