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Exchange 2010 GRT Backups (GRT) Background Processing

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Hello all,

Upon looking through the forums it seems a great deal of people are experiencing issues with backing up Exchange after upgrading their Backup Exec to Feature Pack 4. Allow me to add to this list with my own issue.

My configuration is as follows: 4 Exchange 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 13 systems. 2 Client Access / Hub Transport servers and 2 Mailbox Database servers in a DAG configuration. OS is Windows Server 2008 R2.

Backup Exec 15 Feature Pack 4 Server is Windows Server 2012 R2. HP DL380 Gen9 with two RAID arrays. RAID 1 for OS and RAID 6 for the local Deduplication storage. Exchange 2010 Managment Tools are installed same version as Exchange Servers.

My issue is with Exchange GRT Backups never actually completing successfully. Here is a description of what I have encountered.

I attempt to run my Exchange 2010 GRT Full Backup. It runs the backup job connects to my passive Exchange 2010 node like it should and performs the database backups. Then it does the verify portion of the job and that goes all the way through. Now here is where it hangs up and never finishes. When it gets to the portion of the job that says 0 of 4 Backup Selections Processed for GRT (Background Processing) At this portion of the job it's no longer even connected to the remote agents on the Exchange server. This type of processing appears to be all done on the Backup Exec Server itself. The funny thing is I have let this job run for days in which it just says the same thing. When I cancel the job, it ends almost instantly and fails the whole job. The catalog operation starts immediately and runs fine. When I go into the restore view. I can see all the mailboxes and GRT data from the job and can even manipulate it. It's as if it has actually processed it but, the job hangs and never finishes correctly.

If I uncheck the GRT options in the Backup Job for the full and incremental. The job runs with absolutely no issues and finishes like it should. Unfortunately doing that doesn't give me the option to restore individual mail items. Which I need that functionality. I have opened a ticket with Veritas about this. Any help would be appreciated.









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Can you please send me a private message with your case number, I have a colleague who may be interested in the details of your issue... Thx

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Hi, did you find a solution to this issue?
I'm experiencing the same ting with Backup Exec 16 and Exchange 2010.
The job status just hangs when running a incremental or full backup with status:

0 of 8 backup selections processed for Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) - Background Processing.
If I cancel the backup, I can browse mailbox items from the backup and even restore.

The problem is that the daily backup won't start because the first backup job never finishes.