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Exchange 2010 Recovery using BE2010

We need to know how to restore mailboxes from tape to a DR exchange server that has windows, exchange and the mailbox database already installed and ready to be restored.

The live system (for this test) will be offline.

AD will be fine.



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Hi,   You'd take the tape to



You'd take the tape to the DR site, inventory and then catalog it. Once done, start a Restore job, select the Information Store and redirect it to the DR Exchange server. This is how it works on a high-level.

You should also check the TNs below which will assist you with more detailed information.



This should be fairly

This should be fairly straight forward assuming your DR enviornment is exactly the same as your production (Including Server Names)
There are a lot of informative articles in the Forums about this

Incase you are using BE 2012 then infact you can redirect restore the mailbox to a .pst file as well


No the server name is

No the server name is different...


In that case, you will have

In that case, you will have to use Microsoft Exchange redirection.

1. Open a new restore job - Select the mailbox or emails to restore.

2. Click on Microsoft Exchange redirection and check Redirect Exchange Sets, enter the name of the DR Exchange server.

3. Check Redirect mailboxes or public folders, and enter the mailbox name in the restore to mailbox.

I am assuming that System Logon Account in Backup Exec has all the permissions to perform this restore.

Craig, Thanks for posting

Craig, Thanks for posting links to my blog Smiley Very Happy

Let us see, are you doing this for DR or testing?!, what is the final goal ?!


Thasnk, this worked for us

Thasnk, this worked for us when restoring MB1 on Store1 to MB2 on Store2.  (redirect to existing MB)

We have yet to test this by way of restoring MB1 from Store1 to MB1 on Store2.  What options do we need to create the mailbox on Store2?