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Exchange 2010 backups fail (sometimes)

I have had intermitent issues with one of my Exchange servers backups failing.

Both servers are Exchange 2010 SP2 w/rollup 3

Only difference is the server with issues has Server 2008 Stnd SP2  (NOT R2)

some nights backup is fine, and sometimes the backup fails within a minute with error

e0000391 - Backup Exec attempted to back up an Exchange database according to the job settings. The database was not found, however. Update the selection list and run the job again.

and sometimes it runs about 45 minutes and errors with

e000038d - Backup Exec could not back up the Exchange database because it could not find a healthy copy of the database.

the remote agent is up to date on this server.

It also will fail if I try to run it after it fails.

I have found in the server event logs when it fails immediately

Event ID 9782 - Exchange VSS Writer (instance 8afeae75-cdeb-4042-ad45-642c11cbd610:37) has completed the backup of database 'Mailbox Database 1786741976' with errors. The backup did not complete successfully, and no log files were truncated for this database.

when it fails after the 45 minutes I see VSS successes.

I see no errros when I check the VSS status     run  - VSSADMIN LIST WRITERS

when I ran SGMon I was seeing this in the logs

BESERVER: [11/06/12 08:46:09] [0000]     [14560]"Cluster" key does not appear to be present in the registry
BESERVER: [11/06/12 08:46:09] [0000]     [14560] Failed to open Microsoft cluster ()
BESERVER: [11/06/12 08:46:09] [0000]     [14560] VCS cluster keys do not appear to be present in the registry
BESERVER: [11/06/12 08:46:09] [0000]     [14560] Failed to open VCS cluster ()

Thsi server is not in a DAG

Not sure if this is a MS issue or a remote agent issue.


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Hi,   Is the backup running



Is the backup running at a time that an Exchange maintenance task runs? Also refer to the TN below:




Craig, no the maintenance is


no the maintenance is started at 1 AM  well after the backup starts.  I did read that I need Exchange tools on the media server.  so I will see about a maintenance window to install them.

But the VSS issues are where I think the issue is.  I also plan to remove the remote agent and reboot and reinstall.  but that will not be until next weekend.


From a command prompt, run:

From a command prompt, run: vssadmin list writers. Check the status of your writers...any writers not stable and running are in error, and this confirms your hunch about VSS being the culprit. Normally a server restart fixes this!



Craig,   I did that and all



I did that and all show no errors.


last weekend I removed and

last weekend I removed and reinstalled the Remote agent and rebooted the server.

Same error e0000391.

I am outta ideas on what could be the issue.

Could it be a disk free space issue?

I read that VSS depends on some disk space but I could not find the maount as it stated it depends on the VSS task.


So I am going to shut the VM down and extend the partition.


What does

What does Get-MailboxDatabaseStatus with the SummaryCopyStatus parameter return?

Also Get-MailboxDatabase with the -Status parameter?


Get-MailboxDatabase -Status

Get-MailboxDatabase -Status has recovery false replication type none

Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | ft name,last* -auto shows the DB in question last full backup was 2/18/2013 which was the last good backup I have in BE.

I get errors with SummaryCopyStatus.  and I cant find the command through google.  can you pelase elaborate?






I was refering

I was refering to

Get-MailboxDatabaseStatus with the SummaryCopyStatus parameter — Used to verify that the target copy of a database is healthy and able to be backed up. The SummaryCopyStatus property should return the value Healthy.

Recommend you running SGMon (Debug Monitor) on the exchange server and pay attention to the lines starting with monad.. These lines would show you the checks performed using exchange commandlets before the backup starts. Feel free to send me your SGMon log by email ashutosh_tamhankar(/a/t) To start SGMon on your exchange servers browse to \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\ - Run SGMon.exe and select all check boxes..


I have SGMon set for tonights

I have SGMon set for tonights backup.

the only thing I have found on SummaryCopystatus has to to with DAG.  I do not have a DAG setup, these are stand alone Exchange boxes.



Do you see any debug lines

Do you see any debug lines starting with monad in that SGmon from the exchange server?  You might want to attach the sgmon to your reply comment.


Here is the SGMon from last

Here is the SGMon from last night.  the back up ran 100%

I only copied the info for BEREMOTE and MONAD

BUT.. we had a disk space issue in the am and had to enable circular logging. 

I will be un checking circular logging tomorrow am and adding disk space to the VM


I did see in the SGMon this

 EseE14::GetTargetDatabaseCopyStatus(OUT) ... dag:No, status:"Mounted", active:"SERVERNAME", passive:"", healthy:No,


is this what you were referring to?


Last nights backup failed at

Last nights backup failed at the original run time and then twice after when I tried to re-run the job.

attached is 2-22.txt for the SGMon of one of the failures

also in the windows event viewer were two of the same VSS events for each backup that failed

Event ID:      8224
Description:  The VSS service is shutting down due to idle timeout.


I restarted the BE remote agent and ran another backup and it completed.


Looking back at the job history there is no pattern  the job sometimes runs at the scheduled time fine, others it fails and I can attempt it 2-3 hours later and it runs, and sometime it does not.





So everytime you restart the

So everytime you restart the remote agent the backup runs through? It looks like whenever your backup fails, BE is getting an error on GetTargetDatabaseCopyStatus.. I would encourage you to open a support case for this, if the issue is resolved whenever you restart the remote agent!


Not everytime.  Somtimes I

Not everytime.  Somtimes I have restarted it two or three times.

We are looking to replace the server since it is a VM guest, and due to restructuring in the company, we are re-locating several dozen users who have mailboxes on this server to a new building and will be getting them a new exchagne server also.