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What are the plans for Backup Exec 2012 support for Exchange 2013?

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Hi   As of now there is no



As of now there is no official update by Symantec on support for exhange 2013.

There is no road map which version would start supporting it

Please check this link too




Just to slightly correct the

Just to slightly correct the above info as "no roadmap" almost implies we are not even considering supporting it. We are planning to support Exchange 2013 however at this current time we cannot confirm any ETA or whether this will be via updates to existing version(s) of Backup Exec or only against the next complete release.

Some form of public notification will be made once we have specific details.


Just keep an eye on the SCLs

Just keep an eye on the SCLs of the different versions, when Exchange 2013 is listed, it is supported :-)

So the link above takes us to

So the link above takes us to a thread that says that if we want support for Exchange 2013, that the IT community needs to suggest (Idea?) that Symantec make plans to support Exchange 2013... and that if others think thats a good 'Idea' we need to vote for it to make it happen?!? Brilliant.....

...ja look, not such a good

...ja look, not such a good solution to be honest, especially when you shouldn't HAVE to do that. Symantec was already working on support as the link below states...try hopping onto the Beta...




look here for more

look here for more information and stay up to date (subscribe article)


Backup Exec support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013

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