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Exchange Archiving Mailbox Group Selection Keeps Disappearing

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Thanks in advance for any advice offered.  I'm having problems in setting up an Archving Job in BE 2010 R2.  Specifically, when I go into the archive job setup, under Settings - Exchange tab.  In the section where you select Mailbox Groups, I use the dropdown menu to select the domain (I only have one).  Then I've created and edited a mailbox group.  This all appears to work fine, and I submit the job.  When I go back into edit the job, the selection for the domain and the Mailbox Groups underneath have disappeared.


Running the job results in failure, with a message Error:  e00098a1 - No archive to process during this job run.

Not surprising seeing as the job fails to hold the selections for the domain and Mailbox Groups.

I suspect permissions as the culprit here, but I'm not sure what other permissions I can assign to this account.  I've basically thrown every permission I can at this account.  When I use Outlook this account can access and has full control over every mailbox on the server, Send As and everything.

The mailbox I want to archive is the mailbox for the logon account itself, is that a problem?  In other words, can it not archive itself?



BE 2010 R2


Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2

Standard 64 bit Edition SP2


Exchange Server 2003 SP2 (Version 6.5 Build 7638.2)


Single domain, single site, 1 Exchange server, 1 storage group, 1 mailbox store, single IP subnet, no routers.