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Exchange Backup Woes (Server 2008 w/ Exchange 2007)

Level 2
I have verified every single step in this document:

The backup will work when i do it to a backup-to-disk folder but not when I do it to Tape.

I've tried creating a new user with the proper credentials and that didnt fix it and of course I have the Exchange resources first in the order.

The tape backup backs up the same amount of data and everything looks identical except at the very end the tape backup will fail with the Cannot Log onto MAPI with the specified credentials error and the backup-to-disk will finish perfectly fine.

I've googled till I cant google any more and I even created a test job which was backing up ONLY the Exchange store and was not able to get it work with the tape drive.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Here is some additional info on the setup:

The Backup Exec Server (12.5) is located on the Domain Controller which is separate from the Exchange 2007 server. Both servers are Server 2008 x64. The Exchange server is a member server. The domain controller has the Exchange Management Console installed and it works. From all my searching the answer seems to be moving Exchange to the first resource to be backed up but I have tried that to no avail.


Level 2
No suggestions :(

Level 5
Doesn't this mean MAPI doesn't like your credentials?  Have you tried changing them?