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Exchange GRT full speed to SAN, extremely slow.

Level 4
When doing a Exchange GRT Full backup (560gb total), I am getting some interesting results:

To Tape, it is running at 2800meg/Min +/-

To an old USB 2 Drive, it is running at 1700meg/Min +/-

But to our super fast fiber Hitachi 9500 SAN with SCSI 15k drives and 2 TB of drive space, it runs at a blazing 120meg/Min +/-

BUT, all my other B2D jobs fun to this SAN Drive (I run about 14 a day of assorted File, SQL and Sharepoint) all run at about 2500meg/Min, blazing fast compared to the Exchange GRT. We have been running B2D jobs to these SAN drives for about 3 years without a single problem, and absolutely with no speed issues, it works perfectly on everyting except the Exchange backup.

Why is that? I have done everything that BE top level support has told me to try except upgrading to 12.5. I have rebuild the machine twice, I have upgraded drives of the Fiber cards to the most up to date drives, I have installed all 12 hotfixes and service packs. I got nothin. It is doing the same in 11d and now 12. I was told to upgrade to 12.5 becauase apparently that solves everything, but at this time, I am unable to.

Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening.