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Exchange Mailboxes

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I am trying to do a backup on our Email Server that is on an Exchange and I get this error:
An error was encountered while attempting to browse the contents of \\EMAIL\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes. The Logon account you specified must correspond to a unique mailbox. For Example "Admin" isn't unique if there is an "Administrator" account."
What do I do to make it unique so I can backup the mailboxes?

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If you are using a separate service account to run the BackupExec services, create a mailbox for that account, and grant it all appropriate rights

Level 6

The logon account used for backup must have a mailbox in the Exchange organization. The Backup Exec uses this mailbox to access user mailboxes. Please perform below given steps that will help you in resolving the issue:

1. Create a new user account (for example "bkadmin").

2. Make "bkadmin" a member of Domain and local Administrator group of the Exchange server.

3. Start System Manager -> Right click the organization to start "Delegate control" wizard and grant "bkadmin" user "Exchange Full Administrator" rights

4. Create a mailbox for "bkadmin" account.

5. Configure Outlook profile for "bkadmin" account and send/receive mails.

6. Make sure this account is common logon account. To accomplish this follow the steps given below.

- Start Backup Exec
- Select Tools > Wizards > Logon account wizard
- Add new logon account, type in the credential for the new account.
- Make this account a common logon account.
- Complete the wizard.

9. Create a new backup job, perform the backup and observe the results.

Level 6
Assuming the solution provided is correct. Also, there is no response from the customer within 2 days from the last reply by Veritas