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Exchange Server Backup



I need to ( full server backup) back up my exchange server 2007 installed on Server 2003.Could you please guide me the steps.

How can i restore it into a different hardware.



Thanks in Advance



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To backup Exchange, just

To backup Exchange, just select the Microsoft Information Store under the server.

You would probably not succeed in using BE to restore a new server onto new hardware because of driver incompatibility, etc.

Hi   If you need to take full



If you need to take full server backup of exchange then you can backup C , System state & shadow copy components & Information store for exchange.

Regarding restoring capability to different h/w you cannot restore to dissimilar h/w with backupexec as it is mean to protect the server you do backup of to restore to dissimilar h/w you can think of using option of BESR. BESR would do block level backup that will backup the entire image of your server & will have capability of restoring it to different h/w


Thanks's quite possible to's quite possible to restore Exchange to different hardware as it basically doesn't care what it's on. There you're wrong, but right on restoring a full server...which the OP wasn't asking about.