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Exchange Writer in Failed State for Exchange 2007 SP 2

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I recently upgraded from 12.5 to BE 2010 R2 SP1 and I'm backing up Exchange 2007 SP 2 on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise SP 2.  Since the upgrade the Exchange Writer has been unstable I have rebooted three times within the last month and I have contacted BE Support and they have determined that there is a problem with the VSS Writer via the BETEST Tool.  This happened a year ago and I was told to install SP 2 for Exchange 2007 and now its back. I contacted Microsoft Support and we rebooted and got it stable I ran a full to tape successfully and my incrementals go to disk but they failed over the last two days and the writer is now in a failed state.  Any new information or ideas on this?


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You can probably think of installing this patch released by microsoft to fix the vss error



Verify the event viewer logs & then go for the patch update. 

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We faced the same issue and I resolved it by re-registering the VSS DLLs

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Are you getting the following event on the Exchagne server 


Event ID:      9840

Event ID:      2007

Event ID:      9814

Event ID:      9609



You can refer the following document