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Exchange backup and LastFullBackup parameter

Level 3


BackupExec 14.1 (1786)

Exchange 2013 CU6 (2 servers in DAG)

I have a problem, after backup job of 4 database (FullBackup), backupexec say me that all OK, but one database in Exchange remain LastFullBackup parameter very old, and log not truncate.

In WIndows event log i have 4 Event 2046, they log says that all DB is backedup and log mast be truncated:

The Microsoft Exchange Replication service VSS Writer instance 3751151a-8db4-469a-9203-c07117197567 has successfully completed the backup of database 'MbxDB03'. 

 Database log truncation has been requested for this database. Log truncation will occur on the active copy after the next log generation is created. Log truncation will occur automatically on the passive copies after that log file is copied.


Why one database MbxDB03 not be in backuped state ? Please help me resolve problem.


Accepted Solutions

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Exchange 2013 CU6 is only just supported with SP2.  If you are not on SP2, you should upgrade to it. If it is not available on Liveupdate, then use the link below to download it.

After installing SP2, don't forget to push out your remote agents

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Also confirm that circular logging is not enabled on the one database in question. You can refer to the following Microsoft article for more information:

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SP2 does not help :( Error persist.

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After the update, did you re-run a full backup ?

Do ensure AOFO is disabled for the Exchange DAG backup. Are there any other relevant events on the Exchange server's event viewer ?

Have you verified "circular logging" is indeed disabled as per the prev. suggestion ?

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That replication message seems to indicate that Exchange is aware that a backup has run and is waiting for an appropriate trigger to perform the truncate on the active copy, as such you might want to research against Microsoft KB articles (and MS support)  for Exchange instead of against Symantec in order to understand why log truncation within a DAG has failed.



Level 3

After install SP2 i have another problem - BE Job end with error "E000FF12" (Eng. about: Error of connection with backup exec agent". Server have 13 databases in one DAG, error occur only with dababase "MbxDB03, MbxDB05, MbxDB07", this database by default active in Server1, other database backedup normally, copy of this database in server2.

Enable/Disable - AOFO not help.

"Circular Loging"  is disable.

Errors on Exchange servers in time perion of backup MbxDB03:


VSS  EventID 8194

Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error querying for the IVssWriterCallback interface.  hr = 0x80070005, Access is denied.

. This is often caused by incorrect security settings in either the writer or requestor process.



  Gathering Writer Data



  Writer Class Id: {7e47b561-971a-46e6-96b9-696eeaa53b2a}

  Writer Name: MSMQ Writer (MSMQ)

  Writer Instance Name: MSMQ Writer (MSMQ)

  Writer Instance ID: {4964834b-5dbe-448d-8658-d854864c370e}

Server 2:

Begin of backup process:

MSExchange RBAC EventID 74

(Process w3wp.exe, PID 22080) Connection leak detected for key domain.local/ADM/ServiceAccounts/u01Backupexec in Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Authorization.WSManBudgetManager class. Leaked Value 1.


End of backup process:

MSExchangeRepl EventID 2038

Microsoft Exchange VSS Writer backup failed. No log files were truncated. Instance 29b8dfe4-68f5-46d5-b1dc-af29a9401b50. Database 2ed4b15e-7c80-4df8-a8cf-827e3f9bceee.


MSExchangeRepl EventID 2034

The Microsoft Exchange Replication service VSS Writer (Instance 29b8dfe4-68f5-46d5-b1dc-af29a9401b50) failed with error FFFFFFFC when processing the backup completion event.

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Has the remote agent also been updated since installing service pack 2?

You can update the agent by right clicking on the server in question from the Backup Exec console, and then selecting “Update”.  A reboot on the Exchange servers will be required to complete the update process, and a reboot also will most likely clear any writers in a failed state.  Once that is completed try running the job once more

Level 3

My problem resolved after install KB3000853 v2.

Helpfull link -