Exchange backup database issue

Hi All,

When I did restore the one of the exchange server database backup, Symantec BE it couldn't backup from the database.

When select "do not verify data for this job", exchange job was successfully completed.

Even I did remove the exchange log files via "Circular Logging" in Exchnage server database and then the disabled it and try run the exchange job, but it dosen't work.


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Re: Exchange backup database issue

There is possiblity when exchange database backup was taken without consistency check & verify option off during the backup job which is probably why you are getting database corruption error

You may refer these links which may help you to isolate / fix the issue :-
Exchange backup fails with the error "Backup- \\server name\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group Warning: \\server name\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database" is a corrupt file

And look for Third Method :  Use Eseutil to perform a hard repair of the affected database(s). This method should only be performed if the previous two methods have failed. After you run the hard repair, you must also perform an offline defragmentation of the repaired database, and run the Isinteg tool to repair logical corruption. These steps can be performed by using the Exchange Database Troubleshooter Repair Task. This will automatically run the Eseutil /P, Eseutil /D, and Isinteg regimen for you.

Eseutil /P Repair Mode

How to Run Eseutil /G in Integrity Mode