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Exchange backup nearly always fails now after destination change

Hi, I have been backing up Exchange to another server for a long time with no issues. We have started to get low on space on the destination server so had to change the location of the backup.

The new backup is an external hard drive on a different server. The backup seems to run through fine (takes 2hrs as normal) and I get a ~ 80GB backup placed in the destination. However Backup Exec always reports as 'Failed' with error Exchange_Backup_Job<noscript>

e00084af - The directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed

I don't understand because the server CAN see the destination folder (and has full access to be able to delete old versions of the backup) but it always fails now. Note: When I changed the destination initially it failed the first few times then worked. I've tried 25 times and it has been successfull 6 times. So it doesn't appear that it is a setup problem. Could anyone advise what could be wrong please? Thank you

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Re: Exchange backup nearly always fails now after destination change

Can you move that external drive to be directly attached to the Backup Exec server?

As a troubleshooting step, can you try backing up to a local drive on the new desitnation instead of the external drive?  This will give us some clue to if the issue is the connection to the server or when the data is being passed to the external drive.