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Exchange db backup goes fine but restore shows empty arc/db

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I am having problems restoring emails using the restore function.The backup of the email server goes perfect and all databases are backed up, when i check the disk and catalog i see all databases are backed up however i cannot browse the selection.

However when i try to restore emails or email folders it doesnt show anything when i expand the database, it just waits and gives a Error 95.

I remember having this issue in the past which was solved by a hotfix (cant remember for sure) however i already installed the patches and hotfixes.

Can anyone tell me what i can do? No correct exchange backup can be a big problem.




Please try it as article.100008962:

If it does not work, you may need a formal support case to solve.
Please visit the following portal to open a support case from web,
Else you may even call the support number to open the support case via phone, pick up the country from where you are calling from the drop down:


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