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Exchange - remove/truncate committed files

Level 4

Server 2016 hyper-v host, Server 2016 vm running exchange 2016.

Is there an option in Backup Exec 21.1 that allows for deleting/turncating log files that have already been committed to the database?

The vm is being backed up through the host currently.

This is a 1 exchange server, 1 database environment.




You might experience an issue as described in this article:
Hyper-V Exchange Virtual Machine backup does not purge transaction logs after successful backup. (ve...

If you feel it fits, please could you open a support case so we can investigate / confirm that the issue matches the above article - please refer the above article when opening the case
At the same time could I ask you to privately message me the case number

No change

What do you mean with - no change
What did you do which made no change?

Still retaining log files from a month ago so not 100% sure that the backup was fully successful.