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Exchange restore - 0xe0000388 - Unable to connect to EWS with specified credentials

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Hello all,

I’m using Backup Exec 20.3 and Exchange 2016 CU12 both up-to-date on Windows 2016

The Backup works well, when I try to restore individual mails to a mailbox, I get the error “0xe0000388 - Unable to connect to EWS with specified credentials”.


I’ve already read a lot of older Posts, and checked the rights, the mailbox and the account. I am using the default DOMAIN\Administrator Account to backup and restore. The Backup Server is in the same Domain. The mailbox is not hidden. EWS works when I try it with the Website.


Any suggestions? I’m running out of ideas... Thank you very much



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Does that Domain Admin account have the required rights to Exchange itself?

Yes it does. It's the account that was used to Install Exchange and i checked the rights from older Posts.

Did you ever find a solution for this?  I am having the same issue.  Exchange 2016 and BE version 20.

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I have same problem using same creds any solution? I have looked at old posted and admin account has rights to exchange, is not hidden and in same domain as exchange server