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Excluding OneDrive folders from Backup Exec while maintaining SDR

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We have approximately 20 workstations that get backed up in our organization with Backup Exec 20.6.  We are also an Office 365 shop.. Up until now, none of our users have ever signed in to their Office 365 OneDrive app on any of those 20 workstations -- until yesterday.  Our backups are set as Full backups, and SDR is enabled. Yesterday, when one of the backups attempted to run, it failed with an "Access Denied" error when it encountered that user's OneDrive folder under C;\Users\username\OneDrive_For_Business_Folder.  The "Access Denied" was not due to the Backup logon account having sufficient permissions - it can browse that folder without issue.  My guess is it fails due to it being a reparse point, and by default, OneDrive is using the "File On-Demand" setting where OneDrive files are only downloaded from the cloud once the user accesses them.

At any rate -- adding a selection exclude for the OneDrive folder causes SDR to go off.. But I did discover that if I instead added a "Backup Level Exclusion" using the path Users\*\OneDrive* that it keeps the SDR indicator lit and does not try to backup OneDrive folders.  

So the question is -- what is the difference between a "Backup Level Exclusion" and an exclusion from the file selection? I would love to add this as a global exclude as well -- we have no reason (or desire) at all to backup user's OneDrive folder content -- but the note on global excludes say that those are ignored for SDR backups.

Just wondering if someone could explain the difference between these 3 exclude methods, and why some of them work for keeping SDR jobs intact and others do not.





Level 2

Same issue here...