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Gone are the days when a full backup fitted on a few floppies that you could bring home at night. Data growth today means backups fill entire disk arrays, and concerns over data security make encryption a must-have. The business has rising expectations: if IT is to be a competitive asset serving global business hours, then you can’t shut down the application to make a backup.

Microsoft’s great success providing infrastructure to SMB and mid-market organizations is based on the ease of use and clarity of purpose they provide: bringing advanced productivity features to users who need to do more with less, and who are juggling multiple administrative responsibilities. For nearly 30 years, Backup Exec has worked closely with Microsoft to support this same goal, providing data protection innovation in a powerful, easy-to-use package.

With the recent release of Backup Exec 16, Veritas is proud to highlight this history of collaboration with Microsoft. From early days of writing tape driver and volume management code for Windows NT to today’s support of Server 2016, Hyper-V 2016, Azure and the latest versions of Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint, Backup Exec has continually enhanced the user’s ability to protect and recover crucial assets in their Microsoft workloads.

Hundreds of thousands of administrators trust Backup Exec to protect their Microsoft environments: flexible storage options support the business’ chosen backup strategy – whether disk, tape or cloud targets. Backup Exec is equally agile with data sources: users view and protect all their data from a single, easy-to-operate console that spans virtual, physical and cloud. Veritas certifies the widest range of hardware and software in the market, giving IT professionals viable options.

In a recent survey commissioned by Veritas, 69% of IT professionals polled agree that a unified data protection solution spanning virtual, physical and cloud is the future of backup and recovery. Microsoft’s strategy continues to support these mixed environments, with a clear move towards cloud. Backup Exec’s innovation focuses on simplifying the journey to the cloud, providing easy and reliable on-ramps to resilient, cost-effective services.

An easy way to continue your cloud journey is to take a free 60-day trial of Backup Exec, combined with Microsoft’s introductory Azure offer to discover straightforward operational and cost advantages.