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Expired Backup Sets no Deleting

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I have been working with Symantec on the case for over 6 months now.  However, our phone calls have now simply become the following:

1. I am told our assigned Engineer is busy and will call us back (which never happens)

2. We are assigned a new Engineer who collects logs and then never calls us back.


I do now know what else to do so I come to the forums with hat in hand looking for a solution, please help.



The original problem we began 6 months ago is our backup sets would not expire.  Well after a couple months of working with Symantec they got the backup sets to expire, but on in symantec they would never delete from disk.  A few more months down the road Symantec, politely told us they had no solution and to stop calling at which time they closed the ticket.  I cannot be without a backup system so we rebuilt the entire system from the ground up on brand new servers and after completely building out Backup exec had Symantec check through all nocks and crannies to ensure it met their best practices.

Well guess what two months later we are exactly back to where we started Backup Set are not expiring.  We called Syamtec they fiddled around with a bunch of registry items, now the backup sets expire but they never delete from disk.

Server Info:

Windows Server 2012 R2

Backup Exec 2014 V 14.1 Rev 1786

11 TB Storage

32 GB Ram




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run Live updates until you are fully patched

Have you read pkh's article on When backup sets are deleted under DLM ?  

If possible I recommend upgrading to Backup Exec 2014


Level 2

We are on Backup Exec 2014

We are fully patched

I have read PKH's article


Thank you for the quick reply.

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Make sure you are on SP2 which is supposed to resolve the problem of expired backup sets not being deleted. If you are on SP2, then open a support case again and if you are not getting a anywhere, ask to speak to the duty manager who is supposed to get things going again

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     Thank you for your quick response, however, I am indeed on service pack 2.  I currently have an active case, I called for the Duty Manager 3 hours ago and was told I would be called back.  Symantec verfied my email and phone number and I have recieved no calls.

I do not know what else to do here.

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Did you resolve your issue?

I had the same problem. BUE 2014 latest patch.

My backup sets showed in BUE about 300GB but my disk had 600 GB of bkf files.

I looked over a few KBs and this worked for me.


First I enabled hidden media sets TAB so that I can see them in Disk Storage Details.


Then I went into each media set details under newly visible MEDIA tab on the left.


The status of the backup set inside was Expired but it was still on the disk. so I right clicked on it and went EXPIRE again. after 3-5 min the set was gone.


I refreshed my disk drive and sure enough the space was back.


I hope this helps you.