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Export Selection List in BE2010

Hi guys,

Hoping you can help.
Do you know how to export the selection lists from Backup Exec 2010 (preferably without running a job and going through the job history?).

We used to be able to do it through SQL, but it seems that they've restructured the tables within BEDB.
From what I can see, the selection lists are now contained within dbo.BackupScriptEntries; however, the columns for ScriptName and ScriptDescription no longer exist. So we can't easily get a correlation between the selection list name, and the contents anymore.

Can you think of another way to (easily) export the selection lists from BE?


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We don't have an official

We don't have an official tool to do what you want to do and if will be a lot of work to Export them from SQL in a way that can be used for an import later - especially as you will put yourself outside of any official support if it goes wrong.
The problem you are having is that the BEDB is a relational database so you have to use the ScriptID field from BackupScriptEntries to lookup the script name in Scripts (and if needed the Job Name in Jobs)

From an official support point of view we obviously don't encourage customers to play arouund inside the database too much - if you are only pulling data out for reporting etc then that is fair enough - but any attempt to modify or add to the data inside the database usng SQL utilities could cause problems that will result in us not being able to support you.

RE: Export Selection List in BE2010

This has been a customer complaint/request since at least as far back as v7

You can add your voice to the thread in the Ideas section  (far right on the top menu bar) and perhaps this will become availalbe in an SP or future release (but don't hold your breath)