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Export, then import Exchange full backup to another BackupExec server

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As per the subject line, I should export one last full Exchange backup from the current Backupexec backup manager (version 20.1 Rev.1188) to another Backupexec backup manager (version 20.3 Rev.1188). Exchange backups are located on disk, in folders automatically created by Backupexec during backups.
I thought to simply copy all the folders related to the full, there are 11 folders called IMG003441, IMG003442, etc. in a folder, use this same folder to create a new disk storage on the target Backupexec and finally import them by reading the content to the target Backexec (BE version 20.3).
Better ideas or contraindications?

Best Regards


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Why do you need to do what you describe?  Wouldn't it be easier to just take a full Exchange backup from the new BE Server?

It's not possibile. The "old" BE is in hosting outside.

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You might want to try this

1) Define a disk storage on a USB drive attached to the old server.

2) Do a full Exchange backup to this USB drive.

3) Attach this USB drive to the new server and import the disk storage as a Legacy B2D Folder.

4) Inventory and catalog the legacy folder.

You should then be able to restore from this folder.

I already backed up the last exchange and copied it on site. Practically, thanks to the list of media used in the full job, I took the B2D0000003.bkf + the IMG003487, IMG003488 folders ..etc..

But I always use everything from the network, I have no physical access to the servers.
However, no problem so far.

Thank you